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Proud Perranporth

West Briton report covering the team’s performance at the Surf Lifesaving Championships in Cardiff, April 2010

West Briton 15-04-2010

West Briton 15-04-2010

Les Stopher Shield

Les Stopher Award Presentation

220 Triathlon

Scan 17The 220 Triathlon Magazine – perhaps the leading magazine covering what is the fastest growing sport in the UK – has listed the Perranporth Extreme Surf Triathlon in it’s 2010 Race Guide as one of the toughest events in the UK.

This is great PR for the event and the Surf Lifesaving Club at Perranporth who organise tit and says a lot about the growing profile of what is now a nationally recognised event. I’ve attached a scan of their piece and the copy they produced. This year’s triathlon will be held on Sunday the 12th September and yet again we expect another great event with a full entry.

“Over its 23-year history this triathlon, which centres on North Cornwall’s north coast surfing beach, has gained huge respect thanks to the “surf swim”. Competitors must negotiate sea swells of up to eight feet, white topped breakers and on-shore winds as they swim out for the exhausting open water section. Ironman age-grouper Kit Stokes remarked that the Perranporth swim made Ironman Hawaii seems easy. Oh, and that’s before the hilly bike course and a run along the soft, sandy beach. Ouch.” We should mention to that the photograph used was taken by the Club’s resident photographer – see SEXWAXSNAPS.

Club Member receives bravery award

On Friday 29th June 2007 at the Watering Hole, many of us from Perranporth SLSC watched proudly as member and former club captain Robin Howell, received an award for his part in the dramatic rescue of a surfer from rocks around Droskyn Point last September 22nd, 2006. Here’s what happened that day…

For his bravery and courage Robin on Friday, was awarded the RNLI’s “Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum”. Steve Instance, Lifeguard manager said ‘Inshore rescue boat driver Robin Howell showed great skill, judgement and bravery during this rescue. There was little room for error. Without Robin’s actions it is difficult to see how Sophie and the surfer could have been recovered safely.’

Robin has been a member of our club since his teens and has always been actively involved. He was Club Captain a few years back. He works as a high school teacher at Penzance but such is his commitment to keeping people safe on our beach, that during the school holidays and at weekends he still works as a Lifeguard. He trains our younger members in the art of IRB driving and Life Saving and acts as caretaker at the club. There have been many occasions where he has performed rescues late in the evening when the RNLI have gone home. Our Nippers and Juniors aspire to be like him and the people of Perranporth should be proud he lives among us. His selfless actions time and time again uphold the very reason that the Surf Life Saving Club was formed those 50 years ago. I know that Sophie and David who each played a part in this dramatic rescue have also come up through the Surf Life Saving Clubs of Cornwall from a young age. It just goes to show how integral the movement has become in our day to day life here in Perranporth.

Duncan Newby RIP

Duncan Newby, an Honorary Life Member and dear friend of many at the club, passed away on the afternoon of Saturday 12 July 2008. For well over 30 years, Duncan was a member of the Club, working as a lifeguard and as a keen competitor – always with Perranporth SLSC embedded in his heart. He was a very talented swimmer and generously passed on his swimming knowledge to Club members for many years, as well as coaching around the county and coaching future coaches. For the past few years he had been battling a particularly aggressive form of cancer. He fought through the pain many times, continuing to coach, compete and inspire others when he was able.

We remember him for his inspiration and compassion and the sheer bravery he showed in recent years with his wife, Marie, by his side, always, offering quiet, dignified support. Both have shown immense courage and offer an inspiring example for all of us to follow. We are very grateful that Duncan very kindly nominated Perranporth SLSC as the recipient charity for any donations others would like to make in celebration of his remarkable life.

West Briton Article On Duncan and his life here.