Fundraising Ethos

As a charity we are almost entirely dependent on the support of our members and the local community we serve. We are not a business so we don’t raise funds for profit’s sake. However, without funds in place, we ultimately limit our ability to develop the Club and be better Surf Lifesavers.

Where possible, our events and fundraising activities should always be seen as a platform to better educate the public about the principles of Surf Lifesaving. Likewise, we seek where possible to align ourselves with businesses and companies that espouse products, services or lifestyles that are harmonious with the ethos of Surf Lifesaving, fitness and youth & personal development.

Please check out our Sponsors section to see how companies, organisations and individuals have helped the club.

Why do we have to fundraise?

  • To maintain and improve the fabric of the Club – meaning the building, vehicles, repairs, maintenance – all the boring, unglamorous but completely essential stuff!
  • To purchase the right kit for surf lifesaving and the sports equipment necessary to give our Club members the best chance at excelling in what we do.
  • To facilitate the social functions of the club so we can celebrate our successes, entertain our guests and have fun.
  • To help subsidise our various Club sections with entry fees, travel and costs associated with Surf Lifesaving events.
  • To support and pay for training courses and associated costs such as swim nights / pool hire etc.
  • It helps highlight the Club’s profile and highlights the service to the community we are striving to provide.
  • It is one of the responsibilities we have as Club Members “to help with fund raising events that the club organises” – see the list of Member’s Expectations in a recent handbook.