Member’s Responsibilities

Please enjoy our club’s facilities – they belong to all members based on the following conditions:

• The club is not responsible for any personal belongings, including surfboards, left at the clubhouse. They are left at your own risk.

• Please remove your wetsuit before entering the clubhouse. Please use the tub or outside shower to rinse your wetsuit. Hang your wetsuit on the rack provided, using a coat hanger, or take it home.

• No wetsuits in the showers or upstairs.

• The equipment you take out is your responsibility – please return it after use. Do not leave equipment outside by the back doors (or at the water’s edge).

• To reduce the risk of theft please close the garage doors after removing and returning equipment.

• Ensure both fob doors are shut when you leave.

• If you are the last to leave the clubhouse at night, check that the back and front fob doors are shut, locking the main door if you have a key.

• No equipment is to be used by under 16s unless qualified or supervised by a senior member.

• Nippers may only use foam boards. They must be supervised by a parent or suitably-qualified member out of official club sessions.

• Non-competent Juniors and Seniors may only use foam boards outside organised club sessions.

• Any damaged equipment must be logged on the notice board so that it can be quickly repaired.

• Please help to keep your clubhouse tidy.