Nippers (7-12)

Our Club’s Nipper section includes over 100 children. As a Nipper your child will be taught surf safety, basic lifesaving skills and surf and beach sports (wading, surf swimming, board-paddling, beach flags, beach sprints and relays). The emphasis is on fun in a friendly environment. During the winter months we also run lifesaving training sessions in the swimming pool at Newquay’s Waterworld.

We have an “It’s the taking part that counts” attitude to the various surf lifesaving competitions in which our Nipper teams participate – no child is pushed to compete but we certainly encourage them to do so. We will of course support any child who is willing to represent the club at competitions as best we can. The children also work towards various National Surf Safety Awards, which include both sports and lifesaving elements.

The children are divided into groups according to ability or age, organised by an Age Manager who is also in charge of discipline, whilst each session is run by coaches. If you have any problems please speak to your Age Manager.

New and non-competent children must wear an orange vest, supplied by the club, over their wetsuits. This is for easy identification until they are sufficiently competent.

Running training sessions for large groups of children requires effort and commitment by the adults involved. We encourage all Nipper parents to help out during the sessions for two key reasons: safety and enjoyment. Some Nipper parents, who became involved with our club through their children, are now national champions in surf lifesaving sports and qualified lifeguards.

Children must be accompanied to and from the clubhouse session and signed in and out by a parent/ carer. 

Children will need to bring to each session:

• Water – swimming costume, a full length wetsuit
• Beach – shorts, T-shirt

Club hats are used to identify members in the sea and must be worn during training sessions.

For Nipper Membership Enquiries…

Contact: Emma “Spike” Gaisford

t: 01872 573697
m: 07779 292495