Perranporth Surf Lifesaving club is going solar and we can really use your help.

Phase 1 (LIVE)

Through an official crowdfunding campaign, we are trying to raise £10,000 so we can install solar panels. This will reduce our carbon footprint and fuel costs – so we can focus on training lifeguards and beach safety. Did you know our volunteers provided 500+ hours of beach and water safety cover in 2022?

Phase 2

If we reach this first goal, we can raise the target on the crowdfunding page to help us work further on the sustainability of the club. This will be to remove the failing gas boiler, upgrade the hot water system removing the clubhouse’s reliance on fossil fuels, and further reducing our operating costs. 

So we can use all the help we can get.

How can I help?

  1. Any donation through our online crowdfunding campaign is much appreciated.
  2. We have a sponsor donation package for (local) businesses. If you know a local business (owner) it helps us a lot if you can approach them and ask them for a donation. Please contact our Fundraising Officer Simon Jeffery for more information.
  3. Think of your own fundraising initiative that could help the project.
  4. Share our social media posts.

More information

Crowdfunding this project builds wider community support for the club and provides us the opportunity to access further match funds to the project. We have been in discussion with Cornwall Council who are looking to support this project as part of their work supporting communities to reach net zero by 2030, and installing renewable energy in the county.

In the long term, all these measures will help reduce our energy costs and improve the operation of the clubhouse, meaning we can focus more of our efforts on future activities for the community – supporting health and wellbeing, developing life saving skills, and awareness of the beach coastal environment. 

Simon Jeffery
Fundraising Officer
Perranporth SLSC