Boardies Day 6

Staff at Perranporth Surgery Get Into Boardies Day!

What is “Boardies Day” and how can you join in and have some fun while supporting the Club?

As you know, many local children, their parents, families and individuals take advantage of the fabulous beaches we have around the Cornish coastline. Our lifeguards help to keep theses beaches safe for everyone. Throughout the year, and during the summer months in particular, Perranporth Surf Lifesaving Club provides an essential level of support for the RNLI Lifeguard service that is based there. Many of our members go on to work as full time Lifeguards – the chances are you’ll find them on a beach near you!

Often overlooked however, is the fact that the club provides first class training for our youth that extends beyond the requisite sea sense and helps to engender a sense of community and personal responsibility. Like all charities the Club at Perranporth depends on engagement with, and support from, the wider Cornish community it serves.

In Australia, where surf lifesaving is a national institution, they run fundraising events such as  Boardies Day where schools & businesses are allowed to wear beach style clothes (typically board shorts, hence the phrase “boardies”) instead of a uniform or suit into school / work on a dedicated day for a small donation which is collected on behlaf of the club.   We run Boardies Day during the summer term and hope that more and more Cornish schools and businesses will participate. If feasible, we are suggesting that if your school is one of those that bring in RNLI Lifeguards for some basic beach safety briefings that you schedule this on or close to “Boardies Day”.

This year our nominated date for Boardies Day will be Friday the 2nd July. We are recommending a minimum £1 donation for each participant or child and we encourage teaching staff to dress down for the day too! All monies raised will be used for club purposes which include subsidies so our youth and Nippers can participate in Surf Lifesaving events.